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Anonymous asked:

Could you please hire Walt Simonson to handle Thor? Because it's obvious you fools have no right in even addressing Thor, let alone writing him.



Sounds like this might be the book you’re looking for then:

One wonders how the extremist end of the Thor-fan spectrum would react if a modern Thor writer:

1. Gave Thor’s power to someone new that they’d never heard of.

2. Turned Thor into a frog.

3. Had Thor repeatedly enchanted and dominated by a heretofore unseen little sister of a Thor villain.

4. Had Thor defend himself against “deadly spears” made of ordinary materials by human hands.

5. Had the heroes of Valhalla amazed by the power of automatic weapons and secure themselves a bunch of them, later using them to great effect against foes they’d have been overwhelmed by otherwise.

And more, of course. It’s classic, masterful stuff, but I suspect much of it, if it happened today, would be greeted with charges of disrespecting the character and hating the fans.

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