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notfadeaway asked:

I'm working on a script for a comic I'm creating. My cast is primarily female and I'm worried I have too many women. When you're writing CM (since your cast is largely female) do you ever think, "there should be a guy in here somewhere?" And if so, what do you do? I'm really comfortable writing women, and I love my characters... I see no need for anymore men in the story at this time, but I'm afraid it won't appeal to a large enough audience. 3 prominent women to 1 supporting male? Too much?


>too many women

I’m sorry, I don’t know what those words mean in that order. 

>do you ever think, “there should be a guy in here somewhere?”


>I see no need for anymore men in the story at this time, but I’m afraid it won’t appeal to a large enough audience.


You’re trying to sell a thing you haven’t even written yet.  Write the story you would write if you were just going to put it in a drawer.  

Write the story you want to read. 




Today’s the day! SEX CRIMINALS: ONE WEIRD TRICK is out! AND it’s only $9.99! MADNESS.

I’ll be doing a signing at The Beguiling from 6pm-9pm tonight AND, SURPRISE, a noon-1pm signing at Silver Snail on Yonge!

So, you may have some questions. Here I am to answer them.

Chip, I already bought issues 1-5, why the fuck would I buy this?

Great question! Don’t appreciate the cussing!
Well, THIS volume has fun backup stuff, like our MASTER SEX MOVE LIST, process pages, a radio drama, Hardon Fink outtakes, and the cute doodles above! Also, its $9.99! Buy TWO.

The why the fuck did I buy the individual issues?

Again, please stop cussing.
Because you’re a true supporter of the comic arts and you don’t want shit spoiled like its Game of Thrones night on twitter. Also, our fun letters pages are NOT in the collection! Those are fun, yeah? Sure are!

Thanks, Chip, you’re a fuckin’ cutie.


Also, yesterday SEXCRIMZ was nominated for Eisner Awards in the Best New Series and Best Continuing Series categories. AND Matt is up for Best Writer, against his wife, which means I get to sit at their table in San Diego and see how that plays out! This is all amazing and I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s support for our pee-pee hoo-hah comic. I know I make a lot of jokes here on, but it really means a lot. Thanks, guys.


Everything about this is great! BUY TWO.

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